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Old Growth Forest







When it comes to favorite places, the old growth forests of the Olympic Mountains ranks right up there.  Recently I spent the day photographing in the pristine forest along the South Fork Skokomish River. Being in the company of towering Douglas fir trees over 800 years old is an awe-inspiring and humbling experience especially in early summer  when the “Green Machine” is at its peak performance with conifer boughs tipped with lime green and understory plants in heated competition for scarce sunlight.  The shades of green, earthy smells and stillness of the forest is the perfect recipe for creativity and my day in the forest passed in bliss.

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Agnes Gorge Waterfall

Waterfall at the end of the Agnes Gorge Trail

Here’s a photo of a waterfall at the end of the Agnes Gorge Trail (accessed from Stehekin).  Normally a small trickle, the spring snow melt turned it into a beautiful cascade tumbling over terraces of granite.  The sun streaming through the trees and a rainbow glowing in the mist made an interesting scene.

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From Stehekin, Washington

Kathy and I are enjoying our stay in Stehekin,  a small community at the head of Lake Chelan (a scenic 50 mile boat ride from Chelan).   Yesterday we walked up to the old Stehekin school house and then to the Historic Buckner Orchard and Homestead.  I had a great time photographing all the old farm implements while Kathy concentrated mainly on the grounds and buildings.  So much water was raging down Rainbow Falls that we couldn’t get our cameras close enough to photograph it.  Today we are going to take the shuttle bus to the end of the road and hike the Agnes Gorge trail.

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Kitsap Photo Safari

June 21st only

Point No Point Lighthouse

Join Don Paulson and a small group of photo enthusiasts to explore Kitsap Peninsula with an eye on some of the best photo locations on the peninsula. This tour is hosted by Kitsap Tours.  Don will be the guest photo instructor for the June 21st tour.  All the details can be found on the Kitsap Tours website.  Use Promotional Code of  “Don”  when signing up and receive a 20% discount.  You can use this Promotional Code  for ANY summer Photo Safari to get a 20% discount.

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