Luxury Photo Cruise in Alaska – 2013

Alaskan Song
The Alaskan Song – Luxury Yacht

Luxury Photography Cruise aboard the Alaskan Song

May 17, 2013 to May 23, 2013

 I am pleased to offer this very special photography tour aboard the luxury yacht, Alaskan Song. We will be departing from Juneau on May 17 and ending in Sitka on May 23. This Photo Tour will feature the spectacular glacial fjords of Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm…exploring and photographing these impressive realms of ice early in the season when the scenery is most stunning and the sweet light of sunrises and sunsets linger for hours…

May is a glorious time to be in Southeast Alaska. On average, the month of May has the most sunny days and those days have 18 hours of sunlight! There is still lots of snow on the mountains making the scenery even more dramatic. That snow is melting fast so the waterfalls and cascade are gushing at their annual peak flow. The bears are out of hibernation, prowling the shoreline for fresh spring grasses and the whales have returned from the tropics to feed.

This trip is ideal for photography enthusiasts. You will photograph alongside professional nature photographer, Don Paulson, both on shore and aboard the Alaskan Song.  Don will be available throughout the trip for any help or photo advice you may need.  His passion for photography is contagious and you will be inspired to try new and creative ways to make photographs.  If you are new to photography, Don will put you at ease with his knack for clear and simple explanations to your questions.  Advanced photographers will benefit from Don’s extensive knowledge and many years of working as a full-time nature photographer.  In the evenings you may wish to download and view your photos from the day.  Don will be available to help you with any of your downloading or photo editing questions. 

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