Top Selling Studio EL Artist

I am very proud to be the top selling artist in 2016 to date for Studio EL, one of the country’s leading art agencies

Don Paulson top selling artist for Studio EL

Awarded 1st place in PSA competition

Reading to the Wildlife
Reading to the Wildlife

Here’s a photo from South Georgia Island where I’m reading to the local wildlife. This shot was awarded a first place in “Travel” in the 2016 Photographic Society of America’s inner club competition.

American Vignette

Fine Art Coffee Table Book
Fine Art Coffee Table Book

I am proud to have contributed 6 photographs to the fine art photographic coffee table book, American Vignette published by Photography for the Preservation of Landscapes, Inc. a non-profit 501(C)3 organization created for using great photography to promote appreciation, preservation and conservation.

Photography for the Preservation of Landscapes, is dedicated to publishing extremely high quality photographic books as a voice encouraging the preservation of wildlife and conservation of landscapes.

New Work Released by Studio EL


In the ever growing world of visual arts, Don Paulson has carved his name in the foundation of nature-inspired contemporary photography. His portfolio is multifaceted incorporating sweeping landscapes, delicate close ups and abstracted natural elements. This new selection of photographs reads like a travel journal from a nomadic adventure. Paulson and his partner have turned passion into occupation. Emphasizing imagery suitable to healthcare environments, the two travel the globe in search of calm locations and, cameras in hand, they meander in the wild. With this collection, viewers find themselves basking in the Caribbean sun, hiking in the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, trekking through the hot desert sand of the American Southwest and enjoying the majestic foliage of a Southern autumn. Paulson’s knowledge and application of color theory sets his photographs above those of his contemporaries by using a well-considered palette to breathe life into each landscape. Sought after for healthcare facilities nationally, Paulson’s work is vast in its application and imagery can be found to compliment nearly any interior, contemporary or traditional.

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