Online Critiques

Order an in-depth review and honest critique of your photographs

  • My Philosophy.

    I think of a critique as a way of learning from the opinion and suggestions of someone you respect. Since all critiques are subjective in nature, you should assume that my critiques will reflect my personal taste or bias. My critiques are honest and thoughtful and cover a set of standard attributes for each critique (Sample Critique). My goal is to provide constructive comments that are appropriate to your skill level with the intent of helping you improve your photography skills. I will offer comments on what I view as the positive aspects of your image and suggestions for improvement.

  • Value/Benefits.

    Critical reviews are a valuable and important tool for developing your compositional style and technical skills. My in-depth review of your work will be drawn from a long and passionate career as a professional nature photographer. You will learn new ways of seeing, composing, and thinking about your photos. My suggestions for improvement are normally specific to your individual photo being critiqued. This type of personalized analysis is not available in books and will bring to light visual concepts or technical principals that you can use to make an immediate improvement to your photo. But most importantly using these real-life examples from your own work makes it easier to understand, remember and apply these ideas to your future shooting style.

  • How to get started.

    Send me an Email letting me know that you would like to order an Online Critique. Please tell me how many photos you would like me to critique and which payment option you prefer (see below). Also mention if there is any specific topic that you would like me to pay special attention to or if you have a particular goal in mind. I can give you more appropriate and meaningful comments if you let me know your skill level, photo software you use, and whether your photos were shot as RAW or JPEG.

  • Pricing/Payment: $10 per photo – 3 photo minimum per order.

    You may make an online payment with a credit card to my PayPal account (I will reply with a PayPal request for Payment). Or you can mail a check (I will send you my mailing address). You are likely to learn something new from each critique so as you order more critiques your learning experience builds in value and becomes more meaningful.

  • The Procedure.

    Once I notify you that I have received your payment, you may send me your first photograph by either attaching it to an Email or including a link to your photo in an Email. One photo per Email please. Attached photos should be a JPEG about 1000 to 1600 pixels on the long side. You may send a link to your photo only if the website does not require me to establish an membership account in order to view your photo. You may wish to add your thoughts about the photo or provide additional information in the body of your Email. I will reply to your Email with my critique attached and request the next photo for critique if I haven’t received it yet. Follow-up Emails requesting further discussions are normally not included in this critiquing service.