Reproduction Rights

We have accumulated a large and varied portfolio of high quality images that are available for your reproduction needs.  If you are searching for a specific image please contact us. Describe the image or concept you are searching for and we will be happy to send you a custom submission of low resolution images for your review. If you already know which images you would like to use, list the image(s) by title or file number.

Because our fees are based on the intended use of the photos, please tell us how you intend to use the photo.  We will need to know the application (e.g. website use, book cover, calendar, etc.) and other information such as the reproduction size,  print-run size and distribution if applicable. Our fee structure is flexible and we always strive to work within your budget.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities:

Don’s restorative images of nature with calming palettes of blues and greens are ideal for the health care industry. We may have just the right image for your brochures or other printed materials.