Photo Tour – Frequently Asked Questions


1.  I’m new to photography. Is this tour only for experienced photographers with expensive equipment?  Anyone with an interest in photography will enjoy this tour regardless of your level of knowledge or the type of camera you bring.  Don’t worry if you are new to photography.  Don enjoys teaching camera basics and will put you at ease with his knack for clear and simple explanations to your questions. 


2.  I’m an advanced photographer. Will there be lesson topics that I will benefit from? Yes. Don’s photo tours are attended by folks with a wide range of photography experience levels. Photographers at any experience level will be inspired by Don’s presentations about light, composition and the art of seeing.  All will benefit from Don’s extensive firsthand knowledge of years of photographing in the region.  Don will draw from a long career as a professional nature photographer to discuss advanced aspects of image capture, post processing, digital asset management, and even business aspects of photography. Feel free to contact Don prior to the tour to discuss the specific topic you are interested in learning more about.


3.  My spouse isn’t interested in photography.  Would he/she enjoy this tour?  Since we linger in the most photogenic places and take more time with wildlife, non-photographers will enjoy this tour as well.  State rooms accommodate two people, so the tour is ideal for couples.  


4.  Will I be expected to attend a schedule of classes?  No.  Don offers classes or programs based on what you want to learn and when the time is right for you.  You determine how much time you devote to learning or to simply enjoying the cruise.  Don is available throughout the tour and eager to help you with just about any aspect of photography. The tour will be filled with opportunities for one-on-one tutoring, informal group discussions and even formal presentations in the evenings. When we are out shooting, Don will be available for help as needed and will inspire you to try new ways of taking photos.


5.  Should I bring some of my images for critique?  Don encourages you to bring a selection of your work for a critical review in print or digital form.  Of course this is strictly optional. The review can be private or shared as a learning opportunity with the group.  Don’s critiques are honest and thoughtful with the goal of providing constructive comments that are appropriate to your skill level.  More about Don’s critiquing philosophy at:     


6.  Should I buy a new camera for this tour?  Maybe! This might be a good time to make both a knowledge and equipment jump.  If you bring a new camera, Don can help you quickly learn how to use it.  However, you may be more comfortable with familiar equipment so you can better concentrate on learning new photography skills. If you have an older camera, one consideration is that new cameras have greatly improved performance at the high ISO settings you may need to use to photograph fast moving wildlife.  Please feel free to discuss these questions with Don prior to the tour.


7.  What camera gear should I bring?  You are encouraged to contact Don about specific equipment questions you may have prior to the tour. In general, Don recommends that you bring your best camera, lenses and accessories. A second camera, if you have one, is good to have as a backup.  You will be inspired to try new techniques, so we may need to refer to your camera manual.  Expect to take lots of photos so bring extra batteries, a charger and plenty of media cards (for your main and backup camera).  A good telephoto lens or zoom capability will be especially handy for photographing wildlife.  A sturdy tripod will be a big help for making high quality landscape, macro and sometimes wildlife images. Bring a camera bag or backpack for shore excursions and some means of keeping your gear dry if it rains.   


8.  Should I bring my laptop?  Yes, if you have one.  Most guests will use their laptop (or a portable storage device) to make backup copies of photos they take during the tour.  Don will be able to help you with workflow, storage or post-processing questions specific to your computer.