Private Tutoring

Each session tailored to your specific needs

Learn the basics.
Don’t quite understand F-stops, shutter speed, and all those photographic terms? Don will put you at ease with his knack for clear and simple explanations to your questions.
Understand your camera.
Whether you are new to photography or have a new state-of-the-art camera, Don can help you set up your camera to best suit your shooting style and needs. Having trouble understanding your camera manual? Most manuals explain how to change a setting but don’t really explain why. Don will share his valuable insight on all the technical aspects of camera operation and put you on a fast track to taking better photos.
Learn to take better photos.
Perhaps you understand the technical aspects but are still not pleased with your photos. Don can guide you in the art of seeing and help you with aesthetic aspects and compositional skills.
Help with organization and work flow.
Are you having trouble managing your photos on your computer? Don can explain the basics and recommend various methods for editing, storing and organizing your valuable photos.
Learn Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.
You’ve mastered the basics and now you are ready to improve your post processing or digital asset management techniques. Don will help you master RAW file conversion or advanced Photoshop or Lightroom techniques.
Learn the business of photography.
Thinking about selling your photos? Don will draw from over a decade of experience to answer your questions about starting your own photography business.
Portfolio Reviews.
Bring a selection of printed photos or digital photos for a private portfolio review and in-depth critique. Also see Don’s Online Critiques.

Schedule your Private Tutoring Session with Don at his Studio in Seabeck, Washington

$25 per Hour (2 hour minimum).

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